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How long is it since you last remodelled your bedroom? Even if your Vispring has a lifetime guarantee, you needn't leave it that long to freshen up its surroundings! Follow these five easy steps to make your bedroom a place fit for your dreams.

Step One: Edit


Look at your bedroom with a fresh pair of eyes. Is it a restful haven – or just a mess? All to easily, a bedroom can morph into a kind of warehouse: the place where items unwanted in the rest of the house are hidden away. So before going any further, pause to take stock. What do you like? What is worth keeping, and what belongs elsewhere? Be cruel. To refresh your bedroom, you need to eliminate everything you don’t need or love.



Step Two: Reconfigure


Start with the basics. Does your furniture really suit your tastes and needs? Is your bed the right size? Does your bedroom work? Once you’ve answered those questions, you can focus in on the details. Is the furniture positioned properly? Are your accessories displayed to their best advantage? In general, everything starts with the bed: as a rule of thumb, place it against the longest wall and arrange the rest of your furniture as harmoniously as possible around it.



Step Three: Paint


Colour has a strong effect on mood, so one of the easiest ways to give your bedroom a new feel is to change its colour scheme. The colours you choose should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Dark colours aren’t necessarily wrong – and can even contribute a glamorous, modern touch – but don’t forget that your bedroom’s ultimate purpose is to provide a space for relaxation. Bright, energetic colours like bold reds, yellows and oranges should be avoided.



Step Four: Revamp


Now it’s time to focus on your bed. One of the quickest ways to transform your bedroom is to update your bedding. Try white bed linen for a clean and elegant feel, then layer throw pillows, blankets and quilts on top to add pattern, colour and texture.



Step Five: Accessorize


With everything else in place, you are free to assert your personality. Make sure you have enough bedside light, and coordinate lamp shades with your new colour scheme. Artwork will add character, but remember that less is more. Add a few beautiful objects with a personal resonance: a dish for jewellery, a vase for freshly cut flowers, a few mementos of your travels.



You’ve done it! Your tired old bedroom has been transformed into a refreshing place of rest and relaxation. All you need to do now is lie back and enjoy your new space!