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Individually crafted to your exact specifications, our bedstead mattresses bring Vispring luxury to any shape or size of bedstead. Choose from a range of fillings and feels to select the comfort best suited to your needs.

Bedstead Distinction

The Bedstead Distinction offers a reassuringly traditional feel coupled with an extra note of luxury. Alongside the exceptional softness of its sophisticated blend of fillings, it incorporates a firmer sensation that will offer a relaxing combination of comfort and support to a wide range of body types.

Bedstead Superb

A distinctively traditional feeling Vispring, the Bedstead Superb’s deep upholstery produces an exquisitely voluptuous sensation. Pure natural materials of exceptional loft and softness result in a supremely adaptable mattress that is highly responsive to partners of differing stature.

Bedstead Shetland

Offering the distinctive sensations of an all-wool bed, the Bedstead Shetland bears the prestigious Woolmark in testimony to its unrivalled quality. Thanks to the unique springiness of pure Shetland wool - exclusive to Vispring mattresses - it combines sensuous softness with a satisfyingly supportive feel.

Bedstead Imperial

The Bedstead Imperial perfectly mirrors the shape of your body to ensure a restful night’s sleep. The pronounced natural loft of its fine natural fillings results in a voluptuously deep surface, providing an ideal combination of springiness, softness and support.

Bedstead Supreme

The Bedstead Supreme offers excellent support and a reassuringly resilient sensation. Its fine natural fillings supply optimum ventilation to ensure an untroubled night's rest. A mattress that will retain its look and feel perfectly for many years to come.

Bedstead Elegance

With its high spring count, the Bedstead Elegance perfectly matches your body shape to ensure an untroubled night’s rest. Generously upholstered with soft fillings, it offers a sumptuously deep surface for an enveloping sensation of comfort. Snug yet resilient, it offers a cosy traditional feel.

Bedstead Realm

The Bedstead Realm moulds itself your body to guarantee a soothing night’s sleep. Its fine natural fillings create a voluptuously deep surface, with a unique ability to regain and maintain its form in the face of repeated use. Soft yet resilient, it has a reassuringly traditional feel.

Bedstead Traditional

The Bedstead Traditional is a traditionally handcrafted mattress that is an ideal introduction to the world of Vispring. Its natural fillings wick away moisture to provide a hygienic, cool and deliciously inviting sleeping surface. Seductive comfort for those who appreciate a soft yet supportive feel.


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