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Vispring kick started the year presenting at shows

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January 2017

Vispring kick-started 2017 by their presence at two of the largest furniture shows in January, IMM in Cologne and Las Vegas Market.

IMM is one of the largest shows worldwide, while Las Vegas Market is the key show in North America. Vispring have always regarded the furniture shows to be a wonderful summit to showcase the latest collections.

In Las Vegas, the brand unveiled its new showroom space in The World Market Centre, where it joined over 100 furniture brands recognised and respected worldwide. The sparkling new showroom boasted the brand’s global store concept and showcased the impressive collection of beds. During the fair, visitors engaged with the various touchpoints and were treated to live demonstrations in the art of genuine side-stitching and enjoyed cocktails as they celebrated the new opening.

At IMM, Vispring treated visitors to an integrated brand journey, the beautifully displayed beds were positioned and supported by the brand colours and fixtures, with the two new editions; Victoria and the Topaz adjustable bed that sat proudly amongst the classics showing off the brand diversity.

In the live workshop, the master craftsman demonstrated the art of genuine hand side-stitching and a high-tech digital screen played out footage of each stage of hand craft production, and switched to live filming which allowed visitors to see the craft large and close up. As you admired the film playing, you were feet away from the bar that served a splendid menu of Gin cocktails.

The journey was complete as you entered the workshop area to see and feel the natural materials, fabric collections and all the key components that make Vispring bespoke and unique.

The presentation of the brand is an example of the continued marketing efforts to enrich the consumer journey.