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Vispring partners with The Dorchester on Wellness campaign

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February 2017

Vispring heralds the new year with its rich content that will feature in the new Wellness section of The Dorchester Collection website (The Dorchester Collection consists of The Dorchester hotels across the world, many are historic buildings in outstanding locations).

The relationship between the brand and The Dorchester is a long, trusted, cemented one that spans back many years, where Vispring supplies its best beds to adorn the majesty of the hotel. Both are British brands, rich and steep in heritage and provide luxury experiences to their customers.

Working closely together, they now launch a new program that is set to provide guests with rich, engaging and informative content on the topic of wellness.

Various topics will be published throughout the year, each one playing its role in the overall objective to enhance the quality of sleep.

Examples of topics include: The Art of Sleep which will provide insights into sleep positions, restful spaces, sleep rituals across different cultures, accessories for a perfect night’s sleep, jet lag & sleep, the link between sleep and creativity and sleep & beauty.

Introducing the program Vispring will share its heritage and craftsmanship story that commences with over a hundred years of experience in hand-crafting luxury beds, using only the finest natural materials. The story will take guests on a journey to discover how these fine beds contribute to health and wellbeing.

The program launches at the end of the month and forms part of the brands digital strategy to engage customers.