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2023 Bedroom Trends – fresh ideas for spring

9 February 2023
Vispring Timeless Bedroom Trends
This week we share our Spring/Summer trends to add to your bedroom in 2023; an important room in the home where you start and end each day; your bedroom should be a restful sanctuary of calm and comfort, as well as a joyful showcase of your style.

People today, more than ever, need to feel comfortable, and their places play a significant role. Our physical surroundings significantly impact our feelings and are crucial to our physical and mental well-being. While trends come and go, we’re concentrating on the current styles you can use to add classic design elements to your bedroom.




1. Designing Comfort

Due to the global cost of living and the unpredictability of culture, politics, and the environment, people are still living in difficult times with which they have grown familiar. To enhance wellness, supportive environments must be matched with positive ones. A significant trend in 2023 will be the home and comfort as a feeling, which will continue to be a stronghold and have proven its value as a place of peace.

2. Healthy Textiles

People will keep making healthy at-home investments to boost their sense of security and comfort. This mentality is mirrored in directions that emphasise health and care culture more than professionally oriented materials as we continue to observe movements towards post-pandemic life.

Because of consumers’ devotion to the environment, certified options will help build brand credibility. Additionally, manufacturers and designers are being influenced by the growth of indoor-outdoor living, whether at home or in hospitality and commercial spaces, to tap into this market with adaptable designs and trend-driven colours and patterns.

What does this mean for you? Invest in products such as bedding, throws, and pillow covers to enable rapid, noticeable upgrades. Additionally, these elements increase the longevity of the flooring, inserts, and furnishings that go with them.

3. Enriched Browns

Instead of using the more recent trend of cooler greys, consider using warmer brown hues inspired by the world around you. Whether you’re drawn to the soft beige of a coastal beach or the rich soil tones of your garden, integrating this trend helps anchor and richen the atmosphere of your space.

Versatile and perfect for any room, this melancholy colour can produce a cocooning feeling in a smaller room or turn a vast room into an opulent home and welcomes an atmosphere that feels like a tight hug.

4. Restorative Spaces

Homes that heal the soul and blur the boundaries between indoors and out will increase this year; ‘Well-care’ environments will take on several forms, especially by incorporating nature-inspired accents with coziness and pleasant shapes, a warm but restrained colour palette, and the addition of genuine materials. According to a survey by Apartment Therapy, 83% of designers believe curved and rounded couches and chairs will rule living rooms in 2023. Contoured or “loungey” seating gives the impression of being embraced, especially when made of highly tactile materials like bouclé.

5. Sleep Support

In response to everyone’s energy anxiety, there will be an emphasised focus on health and wellness, and in turn the importance of comfortable deep sleep. This means buying healthy textiles, sound-absorbing and light-blocking window treatments, tech-free zones, body-supportive cushions, and mattresses. To explore our handcrafted luxury mattress collection, click here.