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Keeping Warm This Winter – Wool Month 2023

17 October 2023
White Vispring Mattress Undressed

From the heart of the Shetland Islands to the hills of Exmoor, where moorland meets beach, these unique environments of both rugged terrain and coastal exposures produce wool with qualities unlike any other. We could go on and on about the benefits of wool, and that’s why, at Vispring, we produce mattresses made with hand-teased wool. Not only does it provide a soft and comfortable filling for bedding, but it is a remarkable temperature regulator. Having proven its warming capabilities through the sheep’s survival of countless harsh winters, it is only natural that it is also one of the top choices for jumpers, socks, hats, scarves … you name it. This resilience is no mere accident of nature; it’s science. The crimped structure of wool fibres creates millions of minuscule air pockets. These pockets act as insulating barriers, slowing down the transfer of heat and thus keeping warmth locked in. Read more here about what makes Shetland wool so special.

As we transition into the chillier months of autumn and winter, understanding and harnessing the power of nature to keep warm is invaluable.

Wool Is Natural and Sustainable

At Vispring, we pride ourselves on our sustainability, with the planet first and foremost in mind, our mattress collection is crafted purely from natural and biodegradable materials, and our use of wool is part of this ethos. As long as there is grass to feed on and water to drink, sheep will continue to produce a new fleece to be shorn each year. The production of British wool also has a low carbon impact from farm to factory, and by using wool to make our products, we are helping the British farming industry gain its strength back after its fragility in recent years. Wool is the natural choice for our products; it’s renewable, abundant, and produced locally – what’s not to love? And it has many more characteristics that make it an optimal material to make mattresses from, read here to find out more.

3. insulate your house

Wool plays a significant role in achieving an ambient room temperature, especially when used in flooring and interior decor. Wool’s innate qualities make it an excellent insulation material for walls, attics, and floors. Its breathability ensures a consistent atmosphere, while its resistance to mould and mildew guarantees longevity. And if you’re looking to seal off pesky drafts, try making your own woollen draft stoppers and place them at doorways or windows. All in all, wool is an integral component for a cosy, warm living space.

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