Mar 2023


Vispring, the British luxury mattress and bed manufacturer, has launched a new collection of four sumptuous pillows, now available across all retailers in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. The new collection of pillows is handcrafted and manufactured in the United Kingdom exclusively for Vispring, enhancing the brand’s luxurious range of accessories. Featuring the finest natural blends of feather and down alongside 100% authentic British traceable wool, the new range will provide the finishing touch to any Vispring bed, further strengthening the brand’s reputation in creating an exceptional sleep experience.

Hungarian Goose Down Surround Luxury Pillow
Generously filled with decadently soft Hungarian goose down, this super lightweight pillow has a sumptuously soft feel while the inner chamber design creates the perfect  level of support for the head and neck. The chambered core and down surround work in harmony to produce a pillow that moulds around your head but with excellent loft and recovery, beautifully finished in a 400 thread count 100% cotton Nomite® cover.

English Duck Down and Feather Luxury Pillow
Filled with incredibly soft English duck down and feathers, this pillow is crafted to position the head comfortably when sleeping. Composed of 80% English duck down and 20% English duck feather filling, this luxurious blend is encased within a 300 thread count 100% cotton Nomite® cover featuring a stylish Prince of Wales check design – a nod to the pillow’s classic British styling and heritage. With its abundance of down, it provides a substantive yet soft feel, allowing the pillow to mould around the head for ultimate comfort. Ideal for front, back and side sleepers, it can also be combined with a feather under pillow for the perfect combination of softness and support.

Adjustable Wool Luxury Pillow
Fully adjustable and customisable for front, side and back-sleepers, this luxurious wool pillow is skilfully handcrafted and filled with sumptuous British wool for natural comfort and temperature control. Filled with 100% authentic traceable British wool and enclosed in a wool-fill quilted, 100% BCI cotton cover, this luxury pillow is practical as it is comfortable. Hand-teasing of the wool cluster fillings will provide more loft for a softer feel, while gentle tamping and reshaping of the fillings will create a flatter, firmer feel.

European Duck Feather and Down Luxury Pillow
Offering the perfect balance between comfort and support, this high-quality pillow is filled with European duck feather and down. Composed of 90% European duck feather and 10% duck down filling, this pillow is encased within a 100% cotton Nomite® cover. The higher ratio of feathers gives firmer support and feel, making one pillow ideal for front or back sleepers, or perfect to use as an under-pillow for added support with a softer, down, top pillow. The addition of the light and naturally airy, European duck down helps provide an incredibly soft and comfortable surface to lie on.