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Illuminate your Slumber: Timeless Summer Bedroom Trends for an Airy, Open Oasis

13 June 2024

As the warm embrace of summer approaches, so beckons the promise of breezy mornings, lighter evenings and longer days. It’s the perfect chance to open up your room, maximise the daylight hours and bask in the warmth of the sun’s glow. While the concept of ‘timeless trends’ may seem contradictory, the realm of interior design proves otherwise. Certain styles resurface each year, reflecting the cyclical and timeless appeal of seasonality. And during the summer months, bedroom decor often includes fresh and cheerful decorations, the incorporation of botanical and natural patterns that capture the season’s essence, and embracing the concept of bringing the ‘outside in’.

As summer approaches this year, we’re excited to share our top 5 timeless trends designed to refresh your interiors, proving that certain styles transcend the passing of time and continue to bring joy, comfort, and luxury to your bedroom year after year.

Colour Your World: Embrace Light and Bright Hues

Embracing lighter colours, such as whites, pastels, and light blues, can transform your bedroom into a serene haven, infusing it with a sense of airiness and openness, mirroring the bright summer sky. These hues not only open up the room but also reflect sunlight, enhancing the natural light and creating an environment that feels both natural and breathable. On the other hand, incorporating brighter and warmer tones like oranges and yellows injects a burst of vivacity and sunshine into your space, perfectly capturing the essence of summer. These warmer colours reflect the season’s energy and warmth, mimicking its natural vibrancy to make your space feel more lively and inviting.

The beauty of both light and bright colour schemes lies in their versatility. Light colours provide a neutral backdrop, allowing for the addition of texture or bold splashes of colour through accessories, while bright hues can be beautifully balanced with neutral tones and natural materials, achieving a dynamic yet grounded aesthetic.

Incorporate a Touch of Nature in Bedding and Curtains

Sustainability transcends mere trend status to become a pivotal consideration in home decor, particularly so in the summer months when the desire for bedding that is both breathable and cooling becomes paramount. In this spirit, we advocate for the selection of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, linen, or organic cotton. These materials do double duty by significantly reducing environmental impact and enhancing sleep comfort during the warmer nights. And when selecting material for your curtains, choose lighter fabrics like voiles which offer an aesthetic charm, looking exceptionally pretty as they flutter in a warm summer breeze. This choice not only supports a sustainable lifestyle but also brings a touch of natural elegance to your bedroom, perfectly complementing the season’s ethos of renewal and lightness.

Vispring’s natural mattresses further embody this commitment to using materials derived from nature. Crafted with premium natural fibres such as wool, cotton, and horsehair, these mattresses emphasise purity and comfort. The use of wool provides excellent temperature regulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton adds a soft, breathable layer that enhances the overall sleep experience, while horsehair contributes to the mattress’s resilience and support. By avoiding synthetic components, Vispring ensures that their mattresses remain free from harmful chemicals and allergens, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a healthier sleep environment that is closely connected to nature.

For neutral bedding in natural materials, we love the Bedfolk Linen Bedding Bundle. It is also available to purchase in the UK at And So To Bed.

Vibrant Accents and Bold Patterns

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to invigorate your bedroom with bolder statement pieces and vibrant accents. Embracing items in lively hues or adorning your space with floral patterns, as examples, can dramatically capture the energy of the season, injecting a refreshing touch that embodies the spirit of summer into your bedroom decor. Consider updating your space with brightly coloured chairs, unique lamps, or even a new headboard that reflects the vibrancy of summer. These elements serve as focal points in the room, drawing the eye and imbuing the space with a sense of joy and vivacity. Our beds at Vispring are made-to-order, from the headboard to the upholstery fabric, allowing you to customise your bed as you wish. Why not opt for a Celestial colour of fabric for the summer months?

For statement lighting, we love Porta Romana’s range of handmade creations.

Minimal or Maximal: Tailor Your Summer Sanctuary for Simplicity or Abundance

Whether to embrace minimalism or maximalism in your bedroom this summer hinges on your personal aesthetic and the atmosphere you wish to cultivate. Adopting a minimalist approach creates a clutter-free summer sanctuary, focusing on functionality and simplicity. Sleek furniture and minimal decor items not only enhance the sense of space but also promote tranquillity. The Danish concept of ‘Hygge,’ which emphasises comfort, simplicity, and well-being, complements this approach well, advocating for soft lighting, pastel colours, and the use of natural materials to foster a cosy environment.

On the other hand, maximalism invites you to express your individuality and create a vibrant, eclectic space. This approach encourages the mixing and matching of bold patterns, rich textures, and a kaleidoscope of colours to infuse your bedroom with energy and creativity. The key to successful maximalism lies in careful curation, ensuring each piece contributes to a harmonious overall aesthetic.

Finding the sweet spot between these two philosophies involves playing with contrasts and balance. By blending minimalist principles for the foundational elements of your room’s design with maximalist accents for flair and character, you can achieve a personalised look that captures the best of both worlds. This approach allows for a dynamic, adaptable space that reflects your evolving tastes and the vibrant spirit of summer.

Accessorise with Natural Elements

Our fifth and final timeless trend that will infuse your bedroom with the essence of summer – natural elements. Consider introducing an array of botanicals and floral patterns that breathe life and vibrancy into your space. Whether it’s through the application of wallpaper adorned with natural scenes, fabric prints bursting with flora, or the strategic placement of actual plants, these natural elements add a fresh and lively touch to your decor. Embrace a variety of textures and sizes in your plant selection to create visual depth and interest, and incorporate floral motifs in bedding or artwork to subtly reinforce the theme of nature’s beauty. For those drawn to a more tranquil, coastal vibe, integrating sea-inspired accessories can further enhance your bedroom’s ambiance. Items such as shells, coral pieces, and decorations in hues of blue and green evoke the calming presence of the ocean. These elements, whether used as focal points or subtle accents, can bring a sense of calm and serenity to your summer sanctuary, making it the perfect retreat from the outside world.

At Vispring, our mission is to help you achieve the blissful slumber that you deserve, every night. And whether that’s by finding your perfect mattress, or redesigning your sleep sanctuary, our Vispring experts are here to help. Visit your nearest store and enquire with us today.