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Vispring Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress

15 February 2021
Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress Vispring
Vispring’s luxury pocket sprung mattresses are handcrafted using individual calico pocket springs made in our Plymouth, UK workshop. Each spring responds and attains to your body shape, offering maximum support and comfort. Our pocket sprung mattresses are available in various sizes, zip and linked pairs, and in custom dimensions.

A premium pocket sprung mattress by Vispring uses a combination of fabric pockets and springs to create a sleeping surface that responds to your body best, offering unmatched full-body support.

Our vanadium pocket springs are expertly manufactured. They display strength and flexibility that is without equal. Honeycomb-nested inside natural cotton calico pockets, they mold your mattress to your body, providing constant support with no undue pressure. By day, they readopt their original shape to preserve your bed’s structure for many years to come.

where did vispring begin?

It takes confidence to shake up an entire industry, which is precisely what a young James Marshall did in 1899. A British Canadian engineer, he was the trailblazer responsible for pioneering the use of pocket springs in mattresses — a fundamental advancement that transformed the way we sleep. Previous incarnations, which were stuffed with a lumpy mixture of hay, down and cotton were soon considered antiquated in comparison to Marshall’s radical invention.

Packed with high quality natural fibres, his sumptuous coiled spring alternative put human physiology at the core by guaranteeing even weight distribution, shock absorption and long-lasting, unparalleled comfort. This innovative approach gained serious momentum and by the 1920s these luxurious handmade mattresses were already commonplace in the bedrooms of the finest homes in the country.


When compared to alternative mattress types such as open coil and foam mattresses, a pocket-sprung mattress is a better choice for many reasons, including:

  1. Tailored Support for Ultimate Comfort: Pocket-sprung mattresses offer personalised support, adapting to your body’s contours and minimising pressure points for more rejuvenating sleep.

  2. Durability that Lasts: With a carefully handcrafted build and the highest quality materials, Vispring pocket-sprung mattresses outlast foam and open coil options, ensuring long-term comfort and support.

  3. Minimal Motion Transfer: Pocket-sprung mattresses excel at isolating motion, making them ideal for couples and preventing nighttime disturbances.

  4. Breathability and Temperature Regulation: These mattresses provide excellent airflow, keeping you cool and dry, especially important for those prone to overheating during sleep. Vispring mattresses have built-in air vents surrounding the mattress edge; these ensure even better airflow.

  5. Edge-to-Edge Support: Enhanced edge support makes entering and exiting the bed easier while maximising the sleep surface area.

  6. Customisable Options: Pocket-sprung mattresses come in various firmness levels, including soft, medium, firm, and extra firm, allowing you to find the perfect match for your comfort preferences. Enjoy a tailored sleep experience with Vispring.

HOW MANY POCKET SPRINGS DOES a good mattress have?

In general, the more pocket springs that are contained within a mattress, the more supportive it will be. A higher spring count offers more contact points with your body and will better contour your shape. Our luxury pocket sprung mattresses are available from 1200 springs to over 4000 springs and are available in a range of tensions from soft to very firm.

At the heart of each of our mattresses lies a single, double, or triple layer of springs. This multi-layered construction provides the ultimate responsiveness and support. So much more than their number, the shape and gauge of the springs that matter. With nine different wire gauges and 74 distinct spring types, you’ll be sure to find the perfect spring tension for you and your partner.


How do different materials affect a pocket sprung mattress?

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, one of the most important things to consider is the materials that make it up. But why do the materials in a pocket spring mattress matter so much?

Well, the materials used in a mattress directly impact the quality of sleep you get each night. Different materials have varied benefits and properties, so it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs.

Here at Vispring, we use only the finest, hand-selected materials in our mattresses, including natural fibres like pure wool, horsehair, and silk. Each material offers a unique and special set of purposes; for example, Horsehair is used for its breathability, durability, and firmness.

Vispring offers several natural materials in its mattresses, including:

– Horsehair – used for its breathability and durability. Try the Herald Superb, mattress offers a naturally supportive and breathable sleep experience, featuring horsehair.
– British Wool – a soft and insulating material that regulates temperature. Try the Devonshire, one of our all-wool mattresses, with hand-teased Devonshire fleeces for an exceptionally resilient and comfortable sleeping surface.
– Cotton – a soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic material. Try the Regal Superb; comfortable and supportive, it mirrors your body shape with its deep filling of blended Shetland wool and cotton.
– Fleece wool – for added comfort and insulation. Try the Regal Superb; comfortable and supportive, it mirrors your body shape with its deep filling of soft fleece and Shetland wool.
– Cashmere – for its softness and insulating properties. Try our most luxurious mattress, the Diamond Majesty, made with ultra-rare materials like vicuña and carefully crafted by our most experienced bedmakers.
– Silk – for its luxurious feel and temperature regulation. Try the Sublime Superb; carefully chosen wool, silk, and mohair fill the bed with comfort for an all-over sensation of calm.