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Top 7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

12 September 2020
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We all love the refreshing feeling of waking up after a good night’s sleep, but we are all too familiar with the feeling of waking up and still being tired. While a one-off restless night isn’t too much of a problem, besides feeling irritable or below par the next day. The effects of long-term sleep deprivation can be far more serious. That’s why we have written our top Top 7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep to help you.

So if you’re tired of tossing and turning at night, these simple tips will help you to sleep better and feel more energetic and productive during the day. Additionally, if you’re considering investing in a new mattress to help improve your sleep, you can find our guide to choosing your perfect mattress here.

top 7 tips for a good nights sleep.

1. Get into a routine

Before you get started, you need to identify a solid schedule that will work well in your current daily routine, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.

Aim to keep a consistent bedtime and wake time. If you’re currently far away from your target routine then start to move it slowly by 15 minutes every three days until you’ve reached your goal. It is important to remain consistent, our bodies thrive on routine.

2. Create a restful environment 

We have all suffered from a restless sleep, ensuring your room is the optimum sleep environment is crucial. Making sure your room is the perfect sleep environment is quite personal, but there are some key points to consider when creating the right sleep environment for you.

  • The temperature of your room should be around 16-18 degrees for the best night’s sleep.

  • Light entering your room can disrupt your sleep, particularly artificial light so consider black out curtains/blinds or an eye mask.

  • And finally, it’s very difficult to get a good night’s sleep on a mattress that is too soft or too hard, or a bed that’s too small or old. You may need to replace your current mattress, and we can help. Find out which bed is right for you here on our website.

3. Time to relax

It’s important to start winding down 90 minutes before bed, a warm bath or reading a book can help you to relax and slow down your body and mind. Practising breathing exercises is also proven to relax your muscles, in turn calming your entire body and is a great step to take when discovering how to sleep better.

And look after your bed, check out our guide here on our website.

4. Ditch the blue light

While quite often our technology is an extension of ourselves, it can be hard to put them down, especially at bedtime. Technology can result in poor sleep in more ways than you may realise.

  • Blue light suppresses melatonin and reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep.

  • They wake you up.

  • They keep your brain alert.

5. Things to avoid

Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine all have different but significant impacts upon our sleep.

  • Caffeine interferes with the process of falling asleep and also disrupts deep sleep resulting in restless sleep. Instead, have a warm, milky drink or herbal tea before bed.

  • Alcohol may seem to help you fall asleep initially, but it will disrupt your sleep later on in the night resulting in poor sleep. Consider reducing your intake of alcohol, especially in the evening.

  • Nicotine is a known stimulant, therefore, people who smoke tend to take longer to fall asleep, wake up more frequently and often have more restless sleep than those who do not. Cutting down on nicotine consumption can make a great impact on your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

6. Get active 

Both moderate exercise such as swimming or walking and vigorous regular exercise such as running, can help to relieve some of the tension built up over the day and can lead to a good night’s sleep. However, be sure to not do vigorous exercise too close to bedtime, as it will energise you and may keep you awake.

7. Don’t watch the clock

As we round up our guide to a good night’s sleep it is important to remember that if you’re not tired, watching the clock just makes you anxious about not being asleep. Instead, you could go into another room to continue winding down, by reading or meditating. Aim to use your bedroom only for sleep, this will strengthen the association between bed and sleep and improve your sleep routine.

Closing Thoughts

  • These are the 7 proven factors to ditch the poor sleep and sleep better.

  • Life can be incredibly stressful, and this will have an impact upon your sleep, but there is never a better time to learn how to sleep better, and feel great.

  • Be open-minded and find what works best for you personally.

We hope you have found our top 7 tips for a good night’s sleep useful. To answer the question ‘what is the best mattress for a good night’s sleep? We would recommend a Vispring Mattress, truly the best mattress for a good night’s sleep. Check out our guide to choosing your perfect mattress on our website.