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How to Blend Modern Trends with Timeless Bedroom Luxury: Ideas For Designing Your Bedroom

3 May 2022
At Vispring, we believe timeless design contributes positively to sustainable design. For over 120 years, our method of craft and product has remained consistent. Trends may evolve, but the elegance of headboards, diversity of fabrics, intricacy of legs, comfort of mattress toppers, and allure of accessories always retain their appeal in the bedroom.

While trends come and go, at Vispring we concentrate on the new styles you can use to add classic design elements to your bedroom. We wrote about how to blend current trends with evergreen design in 2022, and here are the newest trends of Spring/Summer 2023.


Minimalism or Maximalism? Which design one is for you?

Minimalism provides zen-like spaces, best complemented by sleek, understated headboards and smooth, simple fabric choices. The trend has always been about achieving serenity, ideal for restful sleep. If you’re choosing a Vispring bed, you can design every element of your bed to your taste. So for an elegant, subtler look, we would recommend choosing the Elba or Iris headboard, made from canvas or soft cotton material in the shades Thames or Turtle Dove. Conversely, maximalism bursts forth with vibrant fabrics on plush headboards and intricately designed bed legs. This champions the idea that ‘more is more’—where every accessory, from your decorative pillows to ornate legs, tells a story. If this is more your style, consider choosing a Berkeley or Eccleston headboard in materials Gem or Plush, in shades of plum, indigo, bottle green, or burgundy. Take a look at our entire fabric range you can choose from here.



Serotonin Boost: Vivid and Bright Colours

Recent years have spurred the desire for joyous interiors with audacious colour combinations and juxtaposed patterns. Dive deep into fabrics: consider velvet for its luxury with brightly-coloured materials for vivacity, adding depth and character. Accentuate with accessories, from vibrant throw pillows to matching mattress toppers, to mirror the mood of the room. We love Bedfolk’s throws and sheets, who provide a range of carefully crafted and beautifully coloured linens for your bed.


Texture Talks: Bringing the Outside In

2022 is all about tactile experiences. Materials like rattan and bamboo aren’t just for decor; they’re making appearances in bed legs, introducing an earthy touch to bedrooms. Natural wool mattress toppers, apart from providing an extra layer of comfort, lend an organic feel, ensuring you’re surrounded by nature’s best. At Vispring our mattresses are made from all-natural fillings, and we are the only brand to use hand-teased Shetland wool in our products, too. Complement this with textured fabrics for curtains or bed linens, emphasising the ‘outside-in’ vibe.



A Sense of Serenity: Slow Living Neutrals

The serenity of neutrals and a monochrome style —whether it’s a creamy bedroom ambiance or tints with subtle blue/green undertones—is timeless. We can’t emphasise enough the importance of your bedroom in being a space of calm – there have been multiple studies that demonstrate that your sleep environment is directly related to your quality of sleep. Have a read here of our top tips to make your room a sanctuary, and feel as blissful as a hotel one. Tailor your bedroom with neutral-hued fabrics for a calming effect. Pair with wooden bed legs that echo the muted palette and complete the look with a minimalist headboard design, ensuring your sanctuary remains an epitome of tranquillity.


How Can I Improve My Bedroom?

A rejuvenating bedroom makeover starts with the basics that we’ve mentioned above. Consider changing your headboard—it’s an anchor piece that can redefine the room’s aesthetics. Opt for upholstered ones for a luxe feel or wooden designs for rustic charm. Bed legs might seem inconspicuous, but they can dramatically alter your bed’s look and height. A plush mattress topper can not only enhance your sleep quality but can also add a luxurious layer, beckoning you each night. Lastly, don’t forget the power of accessories. From decorative bedside lamps to wall art, each piece contributes to the overall ambiance, harmonising the timeless with the trendy. And if you’d like some inspiration, why not take a trip to one of our stores. Find your nearest one here.