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Timeless Bedroom Trends

29 April 2022
At Vispring we believe timeless design contributes positively to sustainable design, and that’s why our method of craft and product have changed very little in our over 120 years of manufacturing. While trends come and go, this week we’re focusing on the current trends you can take aspects of to add timeless elements of design to your bedroom.


Minimalism or Maximalism? Which one is for you?

For many years now there has been a trend in both lifestyles and home décor that now sees itself present in many of our homes and that is minimalism. Living with less is not only about removing clutter but it also incorporates creating a zen, clean space which is ideal for restful sleep.

In stark comparison, in recent years there has been a counter to this design trend, maximalism. Best described as the reaction to minimalism, where ‘more is more’, maximalism lets colour, shapes, tones, and texture do the talking. It doesn’t need to be loud or overbearing, but it does grab your attention.

For those that find minimalism lacks interest or personality, you may wish to incorporate maximalism elements into your home.


Serotonin Interiors

While the simple classics and neutrals have reigned supreme for many years, after the devastating few years we have had, many are opting for colour, pattern, and lively interiors to re-energise their space. Seeing bolder, even clashing, colour combinations and pattern-on-pattern decorating. People want to bring joy into their homes, and what better way than colour?

Not a fan of colour clashing and dramatic patterns? Why not try choosing your favourite striking colour and designing your space around this colour, utilising multi-textural bed linens and bedspreads.


Texture Talks

2022 interiors are continuing to heavily utilise texture, with an abundance of natural materials adding layers of organic tactility to all areas of the home. Bringing the outside in continues to be one of the biggest homeware trends of 2022, and with materials such as rattan, bamboo, and natural wool, you’re able to bring natural textures and materials into the home.


‘Slow Living’ Neutrals

Choose coloured neutrals or try a cream bedroom to create an airy space that embodies a classic, timeless feel. Neutrals with a hint of blue/green are subtle but powerful. They lift a space while retaining a sense of tranquillity. Choose two harmonious coloured neutrals such as grey-based and green-based, to create a subtle visual impact.


How Can I Improve My Bedroom?

Giving your room a spring refresh can be as simple as rearranging your furniture to feel new and fresh. Plus, this allows homeowners to do a deep clean over the winter period. If you find yourself having more space due to your new bedroom layout, you could add in a comfortable accent chair that matches the rest of your interiors.

Adding texture to your space is always a good idea and a great way to make your space feel refreshed, only requiring a new blanket, some additional throw pillows, or some art for your walls.