Sleep & Wellness

Summer Wellness Routine in 5 Simple Steps

7 July 2022
The best way to enjoy life is by putting your health first, and the best way to do this is to establish positive lifestyle habits into your normal routine. Many times we start to practice a healthy routine on a Monday and come Friday, it’s ancient history. Sticking to healthy routine changes is key. This summer, try to incorporate some, or all, of our summer wellness tips and feel better as the days are longer.


1. Establish Good Sleeping Habits

At Vispring, we believe good sleeping habits are the key to that fresh morning feeling and as we all know, they lay the foundation for a happier, healthier you. Most adults require 8 to 10hours every night to function at their top performance. Stress and poor eating habits can throw off your sleeping habits so try to relax before you head off to bed. This means turning off your television and phone to clear your mind for an hour or so and avoid the melatonin stealing blue light. When it comes to eating or snacking, we advise you to try to eat your last meal a few hours before bedtime.


2. Create a Seamless Morning Routine

It’s easy to wake up in the morning when you have a consistent routine that your body knows and loves.. This will differ from person to person, and may start off with coffee and some toast and a moment of quiet to plan your day and mindfully ease into your daily tasks. You current routine may be lacking in moving your body so factoring in some morning stretches, a run or even a short walk to get some fresh air. Whatever may work for you, ensuring you are consistent, even on the weekends, with your new routine is crucial.

3. Exercise or Move a Little More

For some, exercise is something that they love and they couldn’t go about their day without it. For others, it feels like an unwanted task that they just tolerate. In the first instance, it would help to identify your current fitness abilities and the goals you have for the future, this way you’re able to see your progress and positively improve. Progress takes time, so start off with smaller achievable goals and gradually increase their difficulty when you feel more confident.


4. Stay Hydrated!

Summer heat means an increased risk of dehydration, so don’t let yourself get behind on your water intake. Carry a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go and aim to take a drink every few minutes. Do your best to eliminate carbonated beverages as the high levels of salt they contain can throw off your electrolytes and may make you feel thirstier.


5. Get a Little Vitamin D

Last on your to do list this summer is to add Vitamin D to your diet. You can either take it in a supplement which tends to be recommended in colder countries with little sunlight, before taking any new supplements, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional to determine whether – and how much – you need to supplement. Another option is to get it the old fashioned way by sunbathing. Spending a few minutes absorbing a little sunshine will allow your body to make all the Vitamin D you will need for the rest of the day, of course, always ensure you have your SPF on to protect your skin from the UV rays.