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How to Take Care of Your Mattress

7 October 2020
White Vispring Mattress Undressed

Taking Care of Your Mattress in 4 Simple Steps

Each Vispring bed is carefully handmade and can last a lifetime, but general wear and tear, odours and stains are sometimes inevitable. With regular care and cleaning, you can make sure your mattress and divan stay fresh for years to come.

Your perfect mattress is an essential investment, after all, your sleep quality impacts all areas of your life, so you want to make sure it lasts.

1. Protect and prevent damage

In order to prevent damage to your mattress, it’s best to protect it. We recommend covering your fresh mattress with a  mattress protector, this will make cleaning much easier in the future and protect it from spills, dirt, and other unpleasantries such as bed bugs.

For a better night’s sleep,  we also suggest washing your bedding once a week, and your mattress protector once each month.

2. Turn and rotate your mattress

For optimal use, we advise you to turn and rotate your mattress every six to twelve weeks. This movement will ensure that the larger part of the sleeping surface is adjusting to your body and sleeping positions.

Each time you move your mattress, flip it 180 degrees, alternatively from the head end to foot end.

3. Spot cleaning and hoovering

While many people don’t tend to find hoovering their mattress in their spring cleaning routine, it can impact the hygiene and life of your mattress. As dead skin cells and, on occasion, dust mites can gather in your mattress, it is recommended that you hoover it every two months.

For tougher stains, we advise spot cleaning when the stain is new. There are many ways to effectively spot clean your mattress and for best results, you should follow the specific manufacturer care guide for your mattress. However, a very mild detergent and soft clothing brush can often work a treat.

4. Don’t walk or jump on it

As tempting as it may be, try not to let children bounce up and down on the bed as it will damage the springs.

We also recommend avoiding sitting on the edge of your bed as it puts pressure on the edge springs and excessive or frequent pressure could damage the border stitching,
Showing your mattress some love after the many comfy nights it gives you will ensure you maintain a great relationship for years to come. A happy, clean and fresh mattress equals a happy, well-rested mattress owner.

If you need more information on how to the ideal mattress for your needs with our Vispring 30 Year Guarantee, we’ve got that covered in our guide to choosing your perfect mattress.