Adjustable bed

These powerful, Vispring-built recliners operate quietly and smoothly. Made with state-of-the-art remote technology, programmable positions, and luxurious fillings – they’re built with everything you need to rest easy.

Adjustable Beds


  • Flexible base with encapsulated calico pocket springs and wool filling
  • Powerful, smooth twin-motor operation
  • Remote handset – 3 position memory
  • Battery powered return to flat feature
  • Wall-hugging system
  • Pillow tilt feature
  • Upholstered surround in a choice of Vispring fabric.
  • Fully upholstered Vispring end-drawer
  • Available in 90cm, 100cm and 120cm wide sizes.

Topaz II

  • Flexible base with encapsulated pocket springs
  • Powerful, smooth and quiet motorised operation
  • Remote handset (Bluetooth® with a Vispring IOS / Android APP)
  • Battery powered return to flat feature
  • Upholstered surround in a choice of Vispring fabrics
  • Available in 90cm, 2 x 75cm, 2 x 90cm and 2 x 100cm wide sizes.


The Original Collection

The starting point for Vispring comfort. Made with soft cotton, hand-tufted wool, highly durable pocket springs, and the most comfortable natural finishes.

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The Classic Collection

The next level of comfort. Each mattress is filled with the softness of materials like Shetland Wool and fine horsehair. Underneath all that you’ll find layers of individually pocketed springs.

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The Luxe Collection

The ultimate in Vispring comfort. With multiple layers of handmade pocket springs for weightless comfort, each mattress is carefully filled with the finest natural materials. This is comfort unlike anything else.

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