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How Making Your Bed in The Morning Can Change Your Life

1 October 2020
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Why making your bed first thing in the morning is important, and it can have a positive impact on your life

The simple act of making our beds in the morning might seem small, and relatively unimportant. Sometimes our busy lives get in the way and often people think “why would I make my bed when I’m going to get in it again later?” But the truth is, making our beds first thing in the morning can have a huge impact upon our day and to our lives as a whole.


It gives you a feeling of accomplishment

The act of making your bed first thing in the morning, at first might seem too small to matter, but the simple task of making your bed will give you a great sense of accomplishment.

It sets a positive state of mind for the rest of your day

This instant feeling of achievement and that you’re on top of your to-do list, will set a positive precedent for success, for the rest of your day. All from a two-minute task, you’ll be left feeling organised and ready to tackle your day.

Your room will instantly FEEL less cluttered

Whilst instantly making your room look and feel much tidier and less cluttered, making your bed can encourage you to work on other untidy areas of your bedroom and your home, to make sure your space feels more organised.

It leads to other good habits

Forging minor organisational adjustments will become the norm in your daily routine, and will likely impact other areas of your life, from your home to your work life.

Why not also make changes to create great habits in your sleep routine, our bodies thrive on routine so aim to keep a consistent bedtime and wake time.

It will make you feel much more relaxed

While making your bed will give you many benefits in unexpected areas of your life. Ultimately, making your bed can reduce your stress levels, which will be elected in your personal life and in particular, in your state of mind. It’s great to know that everything is in the right place, and if after a stressful day you just want to wind down in your relaxing sleep environment, you know your bed will be freshly made waiting for you.

Creating your perfect sleep environment includes making sure you’re sleeping on the perfect mattress. To help you find a mattress that meets your comfort needs, we’ve compiled a list of top tips and you can find it here.


Why not give it a try? Start making your bed every day (if you don’t already) and share it with us tagging @vispringbeds and  #mycomfybed