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Who’s Behind The Perfect Night’s Sleep

11 December 2020
Vispring Factory Production
Every one of Vispring’s luxury beds has a team of people working behind-the-scenes to make sure every detail is perfect. From developing an initial sketch to checking each stitch and fill – here’s how it’s done.


This is where exciting new ideas happen. The team discusses different ways to use materials and weighs up new design concepts. Many ideas don’t make it through the development team’s initial process as there are incredibly high standards of comfort that Vispring works towards. And even once an idea is given the green light, it’s still open to a lot of interrogation before it reaches the next stage of development.


This is where the viability of a new product is tested. What type of person is going to use this bed? What’s their lifestyle and home like? What do they sleep on at the moment? These are all questions that have to be asked to make sure that Vispring doesn’t waste time on a project. But once all the boxes are ticked, it’s time to source the finest natural materials on the planet.


Vispring’s purchasing team search far and wide for the highest-quality raw materials. From the fine alpaca hair in their most luxurious mattresses to the coir (coconut fibres) that add natural support to their divans – every element is carefully weighed up. Only materials from the most sustainable and high-quality suppliers make it through to the next stage.


Once the design and materials have been finalised the planning team decide how the luxury bed is going to be made. They organise everything from production processes to choosing the correct techniques that will be used. And because a Vispring luxury bed is handmade, many of the methods have been used for decades – some even handed down from generation to generation of bed maker.


Unlike others, Vispring only uses raw materials to make their luxury beds. Nothing is bought in from a third party. In the industry, it’s known as cut and sew – every component (including the vanadium steel springs in the mattresses) is made by Vispring. And it’s at this stage that the cut and sew team get to work preparing all the raw materials for the bed construction – anything from hand-teasing wool to steaming horsehair to make it even softer.


This is where it’s time to roll up the sleeves and start putting all that planning in place. It’s where Vispring’s bed makers come alive, carefully using techniques that have been honed over the years and stunning attention to detail. A great example of this is the use of a special curved nesting needle that sets the Vispring-made pocket springs in place – it’s the same technique that’s been used for decades and adds to the handmade quality of all Vispring luxury beds.


Every process in the production of a Vispring luxury bed is overseen by its expert operations team. They double and triple-check every piece of the puzzle to make sure everything meets the high standards that Vispring set themselves.


Nothing leaves the Vispring factory without strict quality-control tests. The quality team is hugely experienced – many of them started out on the factory floor, so they know the processes and techniques inside /out. It’s the only way to make sure that every mattress and bed leaves the factory in a flawless condition. The perfect, luxury handmade bed.