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How the World Loves Luxury Beds

22 January 2021
Luxury Beds around the World
Vispring is sold globally in over 50 countries. But are certain bed models and mattresses more popular in different parts of the world?

We asked Vispring teams across the globe to tell us more…


Unlike other parts of the world, headboards aren’t as popular in the US. Instead, customers simply choose a mattress and boxspring (divan) with a taller profile which then sits on a metal frame. Adjustable bases are also really popular here
with some of the bigger retailers saying that they make up 50% of all sales. In terms of mattress
tension, the trend is towards a softer spring, especially as you get to some of Vispring’s more
premium designs.

“With the explosion of the bed-in-a box, a lot of Americans are choosing the convenience of ordering online at the expense of going in store for that shopping experience. At Vispring, we’re trying to tell people that there is a better way!” – Ryan Ingerson, Vispring USA

European bed buyers look for contemporary designs – appearance is at the top of the list when it comes to a new bed. In this market, a shallow base, the headboard design and even the bed legs are very important. In some countries, using a
mattress topper is an absolute must, while in other areas only bedstead frames are considered as a worthy base for a Vispring mattress. The look has got to be right.

“There is a big difference between Northern Europe, where a softer bed is preferred, and Southern Europe where a firmer bed is usually the choice.” – Simone Rossi, Vispring Europe

A low divan and headboard design are very popular across Asia. According to Maria Teo of Vispring Asia, simplicity is key – so Vispring’s simpler designs are the most popular here. Storage space is a big consideration too, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore where housing is relatively small. People in these regions prefer storage compartments under the mattress instead of having a nightstand at both sides or a bench at the end of the bed.

“The Asian market generally prefers a firmer mattress tension, with many even choosing an extra firm set of springs.” – Maria Teo, Vispring Asia


United Kingdom

According to Vispring UK’s Jonny Mitchell, many customers in this market like to spilt the tension in their beds. It’s the perfect solution when sleeping partners are completely different sizes. Having the option to split the tension – one side
soft, one side medium-firm, for example – lets people enjoy a unique level of comfort that’s perfect for them. Where materials come from is also an important consideration for customers here – knowing that Vispring use only natural materials, sourced from ethical suppliers is a big plus for customers and retailers alike.

“Our best-selling mattress is the Herald. With horsehair, wool and cotton, it has a truly luxurious feel. And when it’s coupled with the Prestige divan you get the perfect night’s sleep.” – Jonny Mitchell, Vispring UK