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Vispring’s Raw Materials, The Shetland Wool Story

15 January 2021
Raw Materials Wool Vispring Field

Vispring Uses Raw Materials

When you consider the calibre of raw materials we use, it’s no surprise that a Vispring is much heavier than the majority of mattresses on sale today. Reassuringly, this is due to the volume of natural materials that we pack into each and every one; like real Shetland wool, which is incorporated to maximise comfort and help to regulate body temperature. It’s an intrinsic part of our heritage — and with four full sheep fleeces used per mattress, it’s important that we maintain close relationships with the crofting industry to safeguard their future, as well as ours.
As the first U.K. bed-maker to be granted the prestigious Woolmark award, we’ve nurtured a long-standing fair-trade policy with the Shetland Wool industry and guaranteed that we’ll purchase a substantial amount of each year’s clip. Initiatives like ours keep this traditional trade alive and help the farmers to thrive. Every filament is responsibly sourced from within the British Isles and sheared from sheep with no harm done. The practice of removing their dense winter coats is all part of necessary animal husbandry and our commitment to buying local, as opposed to importing from overseas, ensures that an ancient way of life is preserved for all communities involved.
Soft and supportive with an in-built bounce that resists pressure, wool is recognised globally as one of the finest components for bed upholstery and mattresses. Unlike foam or synthetic products, it’s also naturally fire-resistant — negating the need for the use of toxic chemicals (the effects of which are still under investigation).

We’re proud of our affiliations with the British Wool Marketing Board and the Campaign for Wool, and with over a quarter of all U.K. Shetland Wool production ringfenced for Vispring it’s clear to everyone involved that we’re serious about sustainability.


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