• 2 Layers of Springs
  • 30 Year Guarantee
  • Cashmere
  • Moosburger® Horsetail


  • Two layer hand-nested calico pocket spring construction.
  • Spring tension: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm.
  • 2812 springs in 150 x 200cm size (5ft x 6ft 6in)


  • Made exclusively from natural fillings: blended real Shetland wool and cotton, hand-opened Austrian Moosburger® horsetail, hand-teased real Shetland wool blended with cashmere and mohair, blended real Shetland wool and cotton.
  • Finest quality ticking.
  • Hand-tied woollen tufts and twine.


  • Upholstered with coir and wool
  • 5 rows of hand side-stitching
  • Horizontal handles
  • Air vents
  • Overall mattress depth: 25cm + 6cm doming (+/-2cm)
Perfectly paired with:

Viceroy Divan

Made with a solid timber frame and two layers of pocket springs. It’s also upholstered in fine horsehair and British fleece wool.

  • Two layer hand-nested calico pocket spring construction
  • 2010 springs in size 150 x 200cm (5ft x 6ft 6in)
  • Solid timber frame
  • Choice of high and low divan profile
  • Horsehair, blended British fleece wool and cotton
  • Finest quality ticking or upholstery fabric
  • This product is made of FSCTM-certified and other controlled materials
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