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How Do Mattress Toppers Affect Your Sleeping Position?

17 July 2023

Mattress toppers have become an increasingly popular bedding accessory for those seeking to elevate their sleep sanctuary and truly indulge in comfort.

But what often goes overlooked is the influence they can have on your sleeping position.

In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of what topper works best with your sleeping position. From side sleepers seeking pressure point relief to back and stomach sleepers requiring proper spinal alignment, we’ll delve into what you should consider when selecting the perfect mattress topper.

How do mattress toppers affect your sleeping position?

Firmness adjustment

Mattress toppers can be used to adjust the feel of your mattress, so it’s important to consider how one will affect your sleep.

For side sleepers, a soft topper can help make a firmer feeling mattress, softer and therefore more comfortable for you. Stomach sleepers should consider selecting a firmer-feeling sleep surface to prevent your hips and pelvis from sinking too deep into the mattress, which can cause strain on your lower back. Firmer toppers also prevent excessive sinkage and provide more support for those who sleep on their back.

If you need a more solid surface on which to sleep, it may be worth considering buying a topper for your mattress made from horsehair, which provides extra support.

Support and spinal alignment

A mattress topper can provide added support and help maintain proper spinal alignment, which is a key ingredient for a good night’s sleep. For side sleepers, who require adequate support for the shoulders and hips to prevent discomfort and pain, a mattress topper can help maintain the spine’s natural curvature by allowing the shoulders and hips to sink in slightly without causing misalignment.

For back sleepers, mattress toppers help to maintain the natural curve of their lower back and fill the gap between the back and the mattress, providing lumbar support which in turn helps prevent any discomfort.

Pressure relief

A topper can also provide pressure relief, which can be beneficial if you experience pain or discomfort in certain areas, such as the hips, shoulders, or back. By choosing a mattress topper, you can find the right level of support and customise your sleep surface to your specific needs.

This is also important if you’re a side sleeper, where certain points of your body, such as the hips, will press harder into the mattress. Some front sleepers might also benefit from a slight elevation of the head and shoulders to maintain a more comfortable neck position.

Motion isolation

You might love your partner … you might not love how much they toss and turn in the night!

As Vispring mattresses consist of individual springs encased in calico cotton pockets, arranged in a honeycomb formation, they minimise motion transfer, allowing for a blissful slumber, undisturbed by your fidgeting partner.  Choosing a mattress topper made from materials that isolate movement or provide a responsive surface to absorb motion allows you to customise your bed to your and your partner’s needs, without having to invest in a completely new mattress.


It’s important for your spine and neck to be aligned as you rest overnight, no matter what position you sleep in.

Although with correct care mattresses can last a very long time, due to the use of natural fillings dipping can sometimes occur over time. They can cause your body weight to be unevenly distributed across the surface, and it can also make it more challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position. For more information on caring for your mattress, click here.

What to consider when choosing your luxury mattress topper


The different thicknesses of mattress toppers can support different sleeping positions, so it is crucial to choose a thickness based on your sleeping position.

Side sleepers often require thicker 10cm toppers, since they provide more comfort for your pressure points. In contrast, stomach sleepers generally require a thinner mattress topper, around 5-6cm, to prevent excessive sinkage that can lead to spinal misalignment. Back sleepers meet in the middle and, more often than not, simply require medium-thickness toppers to help maintain the natural curvature of the spine while providing enough cushioning to prevent pressure points from building around the shoulders and hips.

At Vispring, we offer mattress toppers of varying degrees of thickness with different filling combinations to ensure a sumptuous sleep, whatever position you choose to sleep in.



If you have allergies, make sure to choose a topper with hypoallergenic materials. Our choice of British fleece wool and cotton for Vispring toppers make for a heavenly slumber. Resistant to dust mites and mould, wool ensures an optimal sleep environment for those prone to sensitivities.

An extra layer of luxury is added to your bed with the addition of a mattress topper, allowing you to drift off to sleep in a rejuvenating slumber. Selecting the appropriate mattress topper tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and sleeping position is vital to enhancing your sleep experience and ensuring optimal comfort.

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