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Vispring Awarded The King’s Award for Enterprise 2024

We are proud to announce that Vispring has been honoured with the prestigious King's Award for Enterprise. Solidifying our position as the UK's largest luxury bed exporter, this award is a testament to our outstanding growth in overseas sales.
White Vispring Mattress Undressed
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Keeping Warm This Winter – Wool Month 2023

This Wool Month 2023, we celebrate the versatility of wool, a natural fibre with unmatched warmth, comfort, and insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for everything from mattresses to clothing as we head into colder months.
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The Tailored Edit: From Head(board) to Toe

Quality sleep relies on a great sleeping environment, to ensure this, Vispring offers customised, handcrafted mattresses and beds for the best night's sleep. Explore how customisation enhances your sleep.
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How Do Different Sleep Positions Affect My Health?

The key to a healthy night's sleep lies in finding the position that leaves you refreshed and pain-free. Whether you've already discovered your ideal sleep posture or are looking to improve it, our guide explores different positions, their benefits, and recommendations for specific conditions, ensuring you wake up ready for the day.
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Get the Hotel Feel at Home with Vispring

Incorporate elements of the hotel experience into your daily routine, to evoke a sense of serenity and well-being, giving you the rejuvenating sleep you deserve every single night.
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How Do Mattress Toppers Affect Your Sleeping Position?

In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of what topper works best with your sleeping position. From side sleepers seeking pressure point relief to back and stomach sleepers requiring proper spinal alignment, we'll delve into what you should consider when selecting the perfect mattress topper.
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We Tried: Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring people who would not normally live as minimalists to pare down their possessions. The book centers on Kondo’s particular method, called the KonMari Method, of radically decluttering your space, read on to see what the five steps are and how they worked for us.
Vispring Timeless Bedroom Trends
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2023 Bedroom Trends – fresh ideas for spring

This week we share our Spring/Summer trends to add to your bedroom in 2023; an important room in the home where you start and end each day; your bedroom should be a restful sanctuary of calm and comfort, as well as a joyful showcase of your style. 
Shetland Wool
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Sit Down with Oliver Henry, Shetland Wool Broker

This Shetland Wool Week, we're sharing story snippets from two of Oliver Henry wool broker's blog posts to hear of his journey with sheep and wool. Oliver has worked at Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers in Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands, for over 50 years.
Shetland Wool
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Shetland Wool

Shetland wool's strength and spring provide comfort and longevity in bedmaking, making it a perfect ingredient for our characteristically luxurious beds.
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Pre and Post Bedtime Workouts

A few low-impact moves and some full-body stretches will be just the activity your body needs before heading off to bed. We've selected ten moves that are perfect for a bedtime exercise routine.
Vispring Since 1901
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Vispring, Since 1901

Step back in time with us as we highlight the key dates in the history of Vispring and where the worlds finest sleep originated.
The Adventures of Us
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At Home With: Sarah-Louise and Christopher

This week we hopped into bed with creative directors and photographers Sarah-Louise and Christopher from @the_adventuresofus and @no.17house, to talk about winding down routines, interior design, and lazy mornings. 
Samantha Faiers
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At Home With: Samantha Faiers

This week we sat down with Samantha Faiers, mother and businesswoman, to talk bedtime routines, how to choose a new bed, and finding time for yourself.
new Limited Edition Lana
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A Day in The Life: Dick Tucker, Exmoor Horn Farmer

In celebration of our brand new Limited Edition Lana mattress and bed set by Vispring, this week, we are in the beautiful hills of Exmoor to visit Dick Tucker on Lucott Farm, where his family has been farming for over 70 years. He’s one of only 120 registered breeders of the native Exmoor Horn, one of Britain’s oldest native breeds.
Vispring luxury headboard
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Behind the Design: Kew with Designer Phoebe Leader

Introducing Vispring's newest luxury headboard Kew, designed by winner Phoebe Leader as part of an exclusive competition run in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art. This week we sat down with Phoebe to talk about all things design, inspiration, and Phoebe's process of designing Kew.
self care books
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Top 10 Self-Care Books 2022

Self-care books provide uplifting, and mindful reads helping you change your life for the better, so we've compiled our 10 favourites so you can kick-start your self-care journey today.
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Exmoor Horn Wool | Q&A with Dick Tucker, Farmer

In celebration of our new Limited Edition Lana mattress by Vispring, we are off to Exmoor to visit Dick Tucker on Lucott Farm, where his family has been farming for over 70 years. But what's it like to be a sheep and cattle farmer in one of the world's most beautiful locations? We chat about all things Exmoor Horn and the year-round beauty of Exmoor.
Shetland Sheep The Shetland Wool Story
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The Story of Shetland Wool and What Makes It So Special

The rich story of Shetland sheep goes back as far as 4500 years ago when Shetland’s early farmers grazed small flocks. Every day at Vispring, we celebrate the beauty of wool, and here you can read about what makes Shetland wool so special.
books to help you sleep
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Top 10 Books to Help You Sleep 2021

There are plenty of benefits to reading a good book before you sleep, so we've compiled 10 of our favourite books to help you drift off this year.
Vispring Customer Stories
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At Home with Eudon Choi

This week, Eudon is inviting us to his Hoxton home to chat about all things design, sustainability and sleep.
Vispring Bed - Styling Your Bed like a Pro
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How To: Style Your Bed Like a Pro

There isn't much better than a perfectly put-together bed, so we've put together our top tips to help you with styling your bed like a pro.
mattress size
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How do I Choose my Bed Size?

Your ideal mattress size depends on many factors. So we've compiled everything you need to consider when choosing your mattress size.
How to choose a mattress Vispring mattress
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Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose a Mattress

Buying a new bed isn’t something you should do hastily, because there’s such a lot to consider before you commit. At Vispring, our sleep specialists have garnered a host of helpful tips to help you choose the right one for you.
Luxury Beds around the World
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How the World Loves Luxury Beds

Vispring is sold globally in over 50 countries. But are certain bed models and mattresses more popular in different parts of the world? We asked Vispring teams across the globe to tell us more...
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From Clapham to the Cotswolds

Vispring Customer Stories with Josie and Charlie. “The best two investments you’ll ever make, are your shoes and your mattress — because you spend half your life in both!”
Vispring Factory Production
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Who’s Behind The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Every one of Vispring's luxury beds has a team of people working behind-the-scenes to make sure every detail is perfect. From developing an initial sketch to checking each stitch and fill – here’s how it’s done.
Vispring Bed Lennox Headboard CosyBedroom Puppyn with Lady Reading Book
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Top 10 Books to Help You Sleep

There are plenty of benefits to reading a good book before you sleep, so we've compiled 10 of our favourite books to help you drift off this winter.
Vispring Cosy Winter Bedroom Woman in Bed
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Keeping Warm this Winter

Winter is upon us, so if you're suffering from disrupted sleep due to the cold then read our top tips to staying warm and getting a great night's sleep in winter.
Bedfolk Bedding Linen J Marshall Cotton Bedding
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Finding Your Perfect Bedding with Bedfolk

Having the perfect bed for you is the foundation to getting a great night's sleep, but soft and cosy bedding comes hand in hand. We asked Jo James from Bedfolk to answer some of our questions to help you find your perfect bedding.
Blue Bedroom Vispring Bed Interior Design
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Bedroom Interior Design

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place to escape from the everyday and unwind. We asked Creative Director, Set Designer and Stylist Despina Curtis to share her top tips on creating the ultimate retreat.
Vispring Bed Mattress Pink Headboard
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Night Sweats and Sleep

Night sweats can reduce sleep quality, concern partners, and lead to serious discomfort. As a result, it is natural to want to know more about their causes, and what you can do to treat them. Here are some of the causes of night sweats and some remedies that may help.
White Vispring Mattress Undressed
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How to Take Care of Your Mattress

Each Vispring bed is carefully handmade and can last a lifetime, but general wear and tear, odours and stains are sometimes inevitable. With regular care and cleaning, you can make sure your mattress and divan stay fresh for years to come.
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Top 7 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Tired of tossing and turning at night? Discover our 7 top tips for getting a good night’s sleep to give you more energy and increase productivity during the day.