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30 October 2020
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Bedroom Interior Design: Top Tips from expert Despina Curtis

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place to escape from the everyday and unwind. No matter how large or small your space, you can create a great place to relax and sleep.

While creating your perfect sleep environment is crucial, we’ve also put together some tips to help you get the best night’s sleep.

We asked Creative Director, Set Designer and Stylist Despina Curtis to share her top tips on creating the ultimate place of retreat to relax and recharge.

Q: Which is the best colour for a bedroom?

A: It all comes down to personal preference, but I would recommend your bedroom colours to be fairly neutral to create a calm environment. It also depends on the amount of natural daylight. If your bedroom is lacking in natural light then soft hues would be best like putty colours, pale pinks and warm greys. Keeping your walls and textiles in the same colour palette will help to create a relaxing space where you can wind down and get ready for sleep.


Q: How do I style my bedroom to make it the best place to relax?

A: The right lighting is essential to create a relaxed space. I would avoid bright directional lighting before bedtime and instead use soft bedside and wall lights which are controlled on dimmers so that you can control the brightness gradually. I would also recommend clearing your room of clutter, having only a few accessories and a good amount of storage so that it’s as minimal as possible. This offers the mind less distractions.

Q: What are your top tips for dressing my bed?

A: In the summer season when the weather is warmer, I would use layers on your bed so that you can adapt to the temperature. I find good quality feather pillows and duvets are much more comfortable to sleep in. I use a mix of soft linen and cotton for the bedsheet and later up the throws, thicker linen in summer and one or two wool/knitted throws in winter. It might seem obvious but changing the bed linen once a week, so they are fresh and crisp also helps with sleep and comfort.

Again, it’s about layering up tones of colour in your lien and throws, there is nothing to say that everything needs to match, and I prefer it not to. I’d go for printed pillows with a plain duvet colour and sheet or a mix of whites and greys throughout.


Q: Are there any bedroom accessories that are a must?

A: As mentioned, a good source of lighting that you can control, and good storage so that your bedroom isn’t cluttered. Textiles which feel cosy, soft to touch and you feel cocooned in, especially as the evenings are getting colder.